IT audit’s main goal is to summarize all client’s IT infrastructure data as well as identify vulnerabilities, and obtain overall system performance data and final recommendations for its further improvement.

Code audit

The source code analysis provides a chance to look through all inside the system, hereby contributing us to quickly find out the project tasks which failed to be previously resolved.
This is especially true for custom software, which may contain both random developer's bugs as well as especially left traps.
We tend to always verify the program code in order to reveal software bookmarks, bugs, vulnerabilities, optimizations and correspondence to the specification.
Program code audit will resolve multiple technical issues related to your project operation at the start stage.

IT infrastructure audit

IT audit’s main goal is to reduce all data, aimed at the randomness eliminating in the client’s IT infrastructure activities, revealing vulnerabilities and assessing risks related to the detected issues, data obtaining about the overall system operation and final recommendations for its improvement .
There are proposed certain measures to increase IT infrastructure stability and security, improve the company's IT services quality, as well as lower the total project cost on the audit results basis.
IT infrastructure’s audit allows getting the current company’s affairs state idea. The current data provides a chance to determine the ways to eliminate the revealed disadvantages and modernization direction.

Information security audit

Today the information security doesn’t have clear audit concept. Here are just a few formulations, used by the experts.:
«Information systems audit is the information systems, security systems and communication ones with the external environment and the corporate network verification, used by the company, for their compliance with business processes in the company, as well as compliance with international standards, followed by their functioning failures risks assessment («IT Consulting and Audit 2004». CNews Analytics).
«Information security audit is a systematic objective qualitative and quantitative assessments obtaining process of the current company's information security state in accordance with certain security criteria and indicators» («Intranet Security Audit». S.A. Petrenko, 2002) . Thus, the audit is reduced to an independent current information security system state assessment as well as the results provision in the reports and recommendations form.

Expert support

Management information system are often implemented in the information technologies development era in order to increase and improve the company’s operation. Professional information systems support ensures its operation effectiveness. This provides us with a great chance to quickly resolve issues which may arise during the system (technology) use. Information systems expert support is a process of improving, optimizing and eliminating system defects after being put into operation. Management information system maintenance includes two large sections. The first section is management information system exploitation. It starts with the software installation and its settings in accordance with the developer documentation. The second section is the introduction of changes to the IP or revision of the software in accordance with the technical conditions