Who are we

«WhiteWood» is innovative IT company. We are engaged in modern world’s complex tasks implementation while using high technologies.

What are we engaged in

Our main activity areas are:
software design and implementation,
custom development,
software solutions and business apps implementation and maintenance,
information security,
IT audit and technical support.

WhiteWood and OpenSource

OpenSource is one of our priority areas.

It’s worth mentioning OpenSource importance in IT industry history. Users participation contributes to all key technological breakthroughs. New opportunities for corporate apps interaction between each other and numerous functional changes become available to us.

WhiteWood is striving for safe

Besides WhiteWood is engaged in software development for home automation systems in order to improve a person’s life comfort..

Automated processes control provides a great chance to interact with almost all devices within the house. We both design and implement systems on all popular home automation protocols. Both high-quality system operation and safety are very important for us. Our goal is to design modern secure systems to allow you feeling secure at home.


Code audit

Performance, security and code quality audit will allow to resolve multiple technical issues.

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Company's IT infrastructure audit

Audit allows to learn the company’s current affairs state idea.

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Information security audit

Independent information security system state assessment and results provision in the recommendations form .

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Information systems support

This is the system defects improvement, optimization and eliminating process after launch.

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Software development

WhiteWood is active activeky engaged in software design, development and support.

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Data protection

This is data confidentiality, accessibility and integrity insurance activity.

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Highload databases design

We are engaged in fail-safe databases development and scaling for high load operations.

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Hardware development

Analog and digital electrical circuitry and PCB tracing development.

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