Hybrid P2P with routing servers to collect and exchange malicious IP addresses database and block them. Each participant collects intruders and attacks data, then sends them to other network participants and central servers as well. The current concept protects your data from both hackers and corporations.

Printers are not the only to be scanned

Your websites, servers, routers, refrigerators, computers, cameras, televisions and all able to access the Internet are scanned by automatic scanners every day. Some are engaged in data collection for anti-virus companies, while others collect data for search engines, the third are looking for vulnerabilities, while fourth are scanning your ports and almost all of them sell or use your data later, for example Shodan, Censys, IVRE, ZoomEye, Google, Yandex, all anti-virus company and private botsin addition to hundreds of hacker’s scripts and programs. Sometimes those engaged in scanning manage to find what they were looking for and this may end badly for data owners.

The scanners number is growing every year, hereby increasing the chance that scanners will timely reveal a plug-in which failed to be updated or an installation folder forgotten, etc..

This happens completely uncontrollably every day. Look at your 404 web server error logs for the last year and you will realize what are we talking about. We need a tool which blocks such scans. Here are a huge options number, including black lists of different spills from paid to free, anti-virus subscriptions and other services as well. However, all of them are updated slowly and almost all work on «it's hard to both get into and get out of there» principle basis. There are either static databases, being updated rarely or paid APIs, which operation principle is unknown =)

What should we do

Therfore, WhiteWhood developed Messor in order to resolve the current issue.

The current black list is updated daily and collected on the scans and attacks data basis on all network participants. All network data are public and don’t contain your personal one, but only scans and attacks data on your website. Messor is able to reflect various network attacks and contains the traps list for scanners (honeypot) in addition to the blacklist.

The reason to choose Messor

Network structure is the main difference from other ids/ips. Messor-Network is formed by connected websites.

The network consists of the clients (peers) and routing servers. Each participant collects data about intruders and sends such data to other network participants, allowing to get daily malicious IP addresses database updates. You become a part of Messor-Network and the entire network will be yours while installing Messor to own website. «One for all and all for one» - as they say. The current phrase clearly reflects the network operation principle. You are entitled to choose the blocking level from network attacks or from the search robots. In addition you are entitled to make the website inaccessible to all bots or o to dangerous ones only. It’s worth mentioning that flexible configuration allows adding your own addresses and security filter settings. Once joined Messor network, you are entitled control your website security instead of observing it from the outside. Multiple readers are aware of the way to configure their servers and websites safely, but few after setting up really control the attacks flow, crashing to your website and server.

A bit more Messor data

Messor is suitable for all websites/servers with php installed. It will be ported to asp.net and other languages as well.

Messor network is able to operate in console mode on any server, while being compatible with fail2ban, Portsentry, and other console apps as well. Operation requires just internet and php. The requirements are minimal, php 4 and further versions - the network operates on both older php versions and new ones. Messor-Network is open source. WhiteWhood supports the network and development. We are going to release a beta version with Messor console and web interface on March 2020. Besides we are going to release a plug-in for OpenCart, in addition to Messor, it will include the functions set to ensure safe OpenCart configuration: security and file safety verifications, backup and other functions. The same is applicable to WordPress and Magento plugins. They will be open source and free. Today Messor backend alpha version is available. Its codes publication is scheduled on February 2021.

How to join Messor

Look through the documentation, available to betta testers only in order to learn more about Messor network operation. A detailed network presentation is available on Messor.Network website. Contact us via email tech@wwood.dev to become a betta test.
Write Betta tester in the subject line and provide your contact details - phone number is required.
All betta testers will be provided with Messor’s gifts - both real and virtual.
Contact us via manager@wwood.dev, if having any ideas or suggestions for cooperation.